Cryogenic Valve


Cryogenic Gate Valve

Body & Bonnet: integrated stainless steel forging or casting, with excellent strength and anti-cryogenic property.

Stem: forging XM-19 or Inconel 718 material, it was anti-abbrasive and anti-scuffing after nitrating treatment.

Sealing: STL material, with the property of anti-abbrasive, anti-rusty and anti-cryogenic.

Drip Plate: effectively stop the condensate water flow into insulating layer.

Stem Nut: C95200, with better chemical property and smooth turning.

Fastners: all the fastners are fully threaded type under cryogenic temp. it is effectively avoid fastners long deformation and sealing failed.

Back Seat: all back seat are designed near to the packing bottom.

Packing: compound packing sealing construction, effectively reduced the torque of opening and closing.

Uni-directional flow: vent hole in disc, to avoid cavity pressure rising.

Clean: all the cryogenic valves are oil-degreased before assembling.